Hello: (resurgence)!

If you remember/recognize/know the image at end, you get it. This one was not just music, it was beyond. I’m talking about Kesha’s Praying if you’re wondering.


This hello is more for me than anything or anyone else. And it’s the warmest and the most recognitory I’ve received in a very long time. Maybe it has a lot or even everything to do with the fact that it’s coming from myself.

I think we all need it at some point of time, and to be honest, it comes to you at the most crucial instances, at cusps, when the cocoon breaks and the skin sheds and right before you butterfly into your hello, and that’s when you can know it to the fullest.

Now here’s something else, I’ve always, always felt a strong assimilation when I am at a beach or basically seeing the water, or more precisely the see waves do their bid. Sometimes, the tide is high and the other times, it’s low. Sometimes there’s also absolute stillness, although if you look close enough, nothing really is absolute. So yeah, it’s a process, the waves are at their most when the tide is high.

That, is the difference between revival and resurgence (sort of, at least).

Basically, here’s what I have to say, it’s nothing new, nothing different and definitely nothing grand, but certainly very significant, through the tides and the shedding of skins, and through the repetition of it over and over, takes place my favorite phenomenon, oxymoron (or for a more generalised and phenomenal aspect- paradox), as in the unlearning and learning. So yeah, a lot happens through it all, things you can’t name, things you can’t understand, things that don’t make sense, and I mean all of it, the gruelling stuff, the piercingly painful, the numbing painful, the chaos, the apathy and every other part of it that you have deeply known, but here’s the one final thing that defines the entirety of this all, YOU. Your resurgence, and your revival.

But the only thing you need to believe in is that it will happen.

And this is why, these words by Haruki Murakami hit home-
“And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.”

Guess I’ll just be wind? 

Is everything OK?

“I’ve learned to live with a very flexible definition of OK”

There. The whole of my 2017 in one sentence. I think this is what it was about, this was the goal of everything that led upto this understanding. And the understanding of the fact that it’s not sad, it’s real. There’s something so real and so human about this line from Grace and Frankie, it just can’t be explained. But that, that’s the whole point of it, isn’t it? The wiser ones can’t be explained. Somethings are just meant to be understood.
No more do I center on struggle, fight or how to see life, because this is what flexibility of okay-ness led me to understand, that the wiser thing would be to just, see life, detached from the ‘how’. Sometimes we need to take a break from carrying out the process so as to understand it.
None of this acceptance makes you any less of a fighter or achiever, because it isn’t about that. That moment, it’s about seeing, it’s about knowing. And I’ve heard this quite a lot, that the more you know and understand, the lesser you struggle. I don’t really believe that, what I believe is the more we know and understand, the smarter and easier managed is our struggle. 

You never wind-up getting the answers to your problems, you just end up understanding the fluidity of them. It was never about learning your problems, it was about learning life. And that happens when you’ve unlearned the rest. You’ll see, everything is really very fluid.

Just wind your way through it all, everything is okay! 🙂 

Of un-becoming and beyond.

In a world that asks you to dream big, I ask you to dream more. In a world that asks you to achieve, I ask you to eliminate. In a world that asks you to be different, to be better, to be above, I ask you to be you.

Do you ever feel life? We see life. We live life. But do you ever feel the breaths you take?

Feel. As much as you can. As strongly as you can. 

We’re all so caught up in the generalized norms and codes that coding has become a part of us. It’s a part of how we see, what we see, and what we choose to be. We let others decide for what makes us look better and voila! The decision is made and we feel good because we are accepted.

Hey, listen. Don’t get into the complications. Everyone would only know what’s better for them, and to give them the privilege of having a say in yours just makes them feel better about themselves. We’re all just a bunch of humans wanting to simplify everything in the process of complicating it. Like if you say, it’s all for a purpose and there’s a purpose to life. Hold it right there! Why? Why does there have to be a purpose to life? Life is in itself a purpose, it’s the very purpose in fact. Don’t try to find reasons in life, instead find life in every reason. 

Sleep under the stars. You’ll realise that for that instant, you’re not chasing something, you’re not hustling, the stars, they’re everywhere, for that moment, you’re just you. Walk the trails that have fascinated you everytime you drove past them. Feel the infinite and explore it. 

I’ve always heard from people that being under the sky, or anyplace where nature embraces you, they feel small, just a tiny fraction of the world. I’ve always felt something else. I’ve always felt like I’m a part of it, and you don’t compare the part with the whole, the whole that comprises of it. I’ve always felt belonged. And everything apart from that seemed small, every worry, every question, every answer. 

Get real in your own skin. Don’t become an ‘otherwise’. Do things on impulse. Follow your intuition. Listen to what your mind has to say and follow your heart. Stargaze. Swim. Fly. You don’t have to be anyone or everyone you see. You just have to be. And don’t set standards for how being is. Be, however you want to. Explore all that you want to. 

Feel beautiful, and it won’t matter how pretty you appear to the world. Don’t go looking in your closet to find what makes you look good, go exploring in your soul to find what makes you feel good. It’s kind of ironic, you really don’t have to add stuff or achieve something to be happy, most of the time, you just have to get riddance from everything that keeps you from it. 

In a world that asks you to dream big, I ask you to dream more. In a world that asks you to achieve, I ask you to eliminate. In a world that asks you to be different, to be better, to be above, I ask you to be you. 

In a world where everyone wants to live and feel above, I ask you to live beyond, BEYOND CONVENTIONS. 

Strip yourself bare till you feel closer to stars than to goals, till you feel life becoming a part of you and not just you becoming a part of it, till you have more feelings than words to express them. Strip yourself till you feel energy in your soul and rawness in your bones. Strip yourself off of everything till you feel raw. Till you feel belonged in your own skin, and aligned with your own soul. 

Hey, here’s a nudge!

A friend told me that the next time I’m dealing with something that drains me, I should nudge myself, breathe and smile.
And it’s really as simple as that. We try looking for something brilliantly witty to ease ourselves from our stress but it’s as simple as that! We just have to look for complexities everywhere when just a nudge does the work. Us humans!
PS. Why are we always ready to give up on life rather than on our issues? Which reminds me, the only way out is through.

Calm. Happiness. Peace. Chaos. Misery. Pain. NUDGE. Peace. 

You could be a sixty year old dealing with health issues, a sixteen year old coping with bullying or someone in their mid twenties working through their career and self-doubt problems. You could be anyone anywhere. But there’s something that you share with every human around you, and it’s struggle. It’s pain. Everyone everywhere has issues and that, that is what connects you to them. It’s life. It happens to everyone. But that’s the catch, it only happens to you till you realise it happens for you. 

The harder it gets, the stronger you become. What you’ve acquired will always be stronger than what you’ve been provided with already. So acquire life for yourself, acquire inspiration. 

Who doesn’t have issues? Some bleed in the battlefields you can see while for some the battles are as silent as their words. We’re all a bunch of people craving and hustling for liberty. But here’s what we fail to realise, liberty isn’t having no problems at all and living the completely balanced life, rather, to find peace amidst the chaos is liberty. Stop hustling. When you free your mind, that’s liberty. It’s not something that depends on environmental or physical state, it is in itself a state of mind,  and sometimes it’s a state of mindlessness. 

We have issues, big deal! We don’t have to be miserable about it, we gotta deal with stuff anyway so it’s pointless to spend any negative energy on it. And I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s better and freer done than said. 

At no point in your life will you not have any problems, so how long do you plan to drown yourself? We don’t get to decide if or not we want the struggle we’re going through, but what we do have in our hands is the power to change it. It’s not about what we deserve, it’s about how we deal with what we’re getting and what we do to change it. Always remember, “You need not grow where you are planted.” 

It’s all on you to create what you imagine. And sometimes, it’s not the chances we didn’t take that we regret, what we regret sometimes is the realisation of what could have been​ a chance. 

So here’s something for all of you, breathe. Nothing is under control, stop trying to control it, just breathe. You’re getting thru it, and you’re getting thru it without being miserable. So breathe, nudge yourself, exhale and smile. 

Forever-ing the Transience? 

We want to be different, make our lives count, live for ourselves and yet the unstated intention and aim is to create an impact on the world around us, the lives around us. We want to leave our mark. I think even tho we know and accept the fact that we don’t live forever and nothing about us is intransient, we don’t really want to surrender to this and we give our best attempt to glorify our existence for as long and as widely as we can. Everyone wants to make a difference, not in their lives, but in those around them. And that’s where the purpose is misunderstood. One day it all just goes. Evanescence is inevitable. Don’t try to get the most of everything that is around you but try to feel and learn wholly in the one moment that you’re in. You won’t last forever, but what you leave as art is going to inspire thousands after you. And the best shot at that is always going to be yourself when you do things. Einstein is Einstein even after flunking history classes. He did what he was interested in, answered his calling and just wanted to do his thing, which was science, not history; ideas, not facts. And on his journey of working on his interests, made the greatest of discoveries. Gandhi never started those movements to one day be written about in books and for his face to be on national currency. All he wanted was freedom and rights of his people and a life of dignity and fought for it. To be remembered or to create something eternal was never their aim, it just was to make a way to live by their rules and follow their heart everyday. Don’t target your life to make it last forever. There’s no forever promised to us and all we have is a shot to live a life full of varying nows. As overly said yet understated it is, it still is very rarely uptaken : don’t price your today’s happiness on tomorrow’s fears and insecurities. The fame of today will fade someday. Imagine how beautiful and freeing it would be to be nothing, not hollow, just nothing. To fit into no definitions. It sounds like a good difference to be someone who isn’t in a rush to just be someone and just sees all the beauty, the hustle and for a change, wants to know rather than be known. To just un-become everything you thought you were, to unravel and somehow during the process maybe meet yourself? The core of you. 

Sounds good to me. 

Live before you die.

Be kind for no reason at all, because why not? Your little effortless acts of kindness and compassion could affect someone more than you can imagine.
An old man at a tea stall offered me a cup of tea without me asking for one and gave it to me regardless of me refusing. Little did I know that in that biting cold weather and with me being tired and not having had proper time to relax in days, I could do with a cup of steaming tea on a very cold night. He had absolutely no need to insist on giving the cup of tea but nevertheless he did and did not even accept money for it.
Just that gesture lifted my spirits and made me smile. These little things mean more than words can explain. It just feels good from within 🙂
Not related to my post but I just wanted to share. Hope you smile a little more today!

If there’s one thing I can say, it’ll be that life comes at you fast. One day you are young and dreaming of life and the other day you are either living them or they lie in the heap of battered aspirations and chosen compromises altogether. Either you are happy or you are not. Either you are working your way toward the life you intended or you settle with your destination without even stepping foot on the road. Time goes by fast and none of it can ever be recovered. So this one life that you are granted, live it yourself, live it for yourself. Yeah? You have just one chance at dreaming, hoping, working, loving, creating, breaking, learning and then rebuilding. Make the most of it. Do not, please do not ever settle for anything. Do not settle when it comes to life. Be greedy to learn, to create, to live. Get the creativity out when it comes to life. Experience and explore what sets your soul on fire. Work for it. Fall for it. Fail for it. But just don’t give up on it. Work on yourself. All that really matters the most, is you. And that’s not ego speaking. The world may try to talk you into believing otherwise, but trust me, prioritising your life is not selfishness and it holds more importance than it is credited for. And anything that requires for you to make adjustments with your life that is just really a cover for compromising, none of it is helping you or working for you. What couldn’t work for itself is never going to build you. Always, choose your life and choose to create it. At the end of the day it all comes back at you and you will be the one regretting or rejoicing. No one ever will live your life for you. So don’t resort to the easiest excuse if it doesn’t go right. Don’t blame. It really is the most common human tendency, or sometimes, instinct. Tomorrow, it would be very easy to pin it on the society or circumstances, but that wouldn’t change or lessen the regret, hurt and the loss you would be feeling. Basically, you carry the load. 

So take charge. Focus on your life. Now. Make it. Make life work for you. Change it your way. Live your life, your dreams. And just don’t settle with settling and blaming. It all happens very fast and everything will be overwhelming so just try to bunch in as many moments as you can that make you smile and feel contented. The idea is to live a life where the mistakes you make will at least be yours to own.​

“Where are we going?Somewhere we belong.” 

Around 3 years back I had listened to “Wake me up” by Avicii for the first time, the little girl asks “Where are we going” and the older one replies “Somewhere we belong”. That day, three years ago, this answer struck a chord. It’s now that I can understand it on a whole new level.

​There have always been and will always be some of the greatest memories with the greatest people, out of which a lot won’t stay. You’ll never be the same person you were three years ago. You’ll face stuff, you’ll see things changing and you’ll evolve. Soak it all in. Because you’re never getting any moment twice and everything you’re met with has some importance for you. You were dealing with strife but now, all it is to you is gain thru the pain. You also had beautiful and greatest times, but they’re memories very cherished now. The point is, everything your past ever was, was to lead you here and everything your present is, is to take you somewhere you belong. So as it goes on, every little or major occurrence in your life is not going to stay forever and you’re going to change and grow to fit into something that’s right for you, and WHEN it is right for you. The seemingly important issues become trivial as it happens and the little details that went by unnoticed will be connoted. And that’s okay. Because that’s evolving. You’ll get thrills and jitters as you move your way into a change, but that’s the thing about cusps. Deal with it, and go on. There’ll be so so much you’ll learn and you’d just feel contented when you’ll realize that all of it, it was right. It was framed to fit you. And once you understand this, there’ll be less fearing and more acceptance. You’ll mold yourself into understanding even what’s beyond your experience. So yes, it will be a lot more different, maybe more challenging but if it’s that, it’s definitely going to be more liberating. And however good or happy the past was, if given the opportunity, I would never ask to go back into the time and live it all over again or change any bit of it. Because I don’t really think I’m okay with going back to a lesser version of me now that I’ve seen the broader one, reverting all the growth and nullifying every experience, unchanging every change I’ve been through. It took a lot out of me to understand the concept, and I value everything I’ve learned way too much to set myself back to square one. A lot of newness has come to my perspective and I’d rather not cut it short.

Learning and acceptance is the final product of any experience, keep it. Value the light you’ve brought into your life because it’ll take you places. Places you belong.