Growing up isn’t how you act physically. It’s how you feel internally. You could be the wildest person yet the wisest you will ever know. If you don’t feel like keeping a straight face every time you meet a stranger just to seem tough, then don’t. It’s all just pretense. If laughing out loud at what someone you barely know said is what your first instinct was, then laugh and spread your positivity. If you want to talk to someone, why wait, go make your move. If you want to sprawl into the comfort of a couch after having had a hard day, you don’t have to sit crossed leg with a straight back just to give somebody the impression of you being ideal in your conduct. If you want to tell someone something about yourself even tho you don’t really know them well, tell them. Embrace realism. Come undone. Growth is real when you sans the idea of charades and facades. Growing up is freeing yourself from conventions and building wisdom thru your vision. If you ever hesitate, go with what you really want, trust me everyone deep down knows what they want. Do what you WANT to do and what makes you feel comfortable. If the world judges you for being you, you don’t need the world. If they were to respect you, they’ll do that even when you are sitting in your pyjamas and if it’s not there, you could clad in the wealthiest brands and it’ll be all the same for them. Live beyond conventions. Those who can sense maturity and see growth will search for it inside you, not in your appearances. Don’t in any case compromise with what you feel right just to be directed by those who have ideologies to achieve appreciation and not happiness. Do what gives you comfort. What makes you feel real. Laugh when you want. Get drunk on happiness. Celebrate your uniqueness. Just don’t hold back on anything you want only to have something that isn’t deserving of you. When people judge you and ask you to “grow up” just because you are having fun, remind yourself that you don’t have to seek validation from anyone who doesn’t value individualism, for you are in the least wise enough to be real to yourself. You aren’t immature or unprofessional. You just choose to be unfaked.