Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens FOR you!

The title is inspired by what someone very close to me once told me. And that was a reminder, more of a realization I’d say. Most of us, we let fears and insecurities control us and that is where we choose to become victims.


​What we shall become is what we care to create of ourselves. We are all deeper than the darkest blues of the ocean beds and higher than the fogged whites of the sky. We are above. We are beyond. We search for infinity but we are a part of it. We are boundless. All of us, we have magic. We have the ability to create. To express. To explore. And to learn. We doubt what we already have and are out there hoping to create something bigger than ourselves while what we lack is the utmost required tool for anything we hope to accomplish. Our fear feeds on our insecurity of being able to perform. To create. But the ability, we have it present within. What we require is to fuel it. We worry over the result overlooking the present need which in fact, is in complete opposition to what we do. What we need is courage. To work. To take the leap. To hope. To dream. All rest will be the outcomes. How can we permutate the result without having given the efforts to the cause? But we being humans, tend to go astray from logic quite often. 

Each one of us, we have what it takes to create miracles. We have a mind, a heart and an entire journey to figure out who we are and what we want. There’s something for everyone that ignites fire in them. You just have to find it. And if you’re not able to do that, CREATE IT. Create your life. Your dreams. Build your path. Be fierce for what you seek. Do not settle because you feel hopeless or tired. Dejection, depression it’s all a part of it. But don’t let it make you give up. For it’s just that, a part. You have a lot to know. A lot to see and a lot to figure out. A lot that is yet to happen to you, FOR you. Quite a lot of times, you have to give meaning to things. All you need is to believe in yourself and then muster the guts to take risks. End up completing yourself. Because there’s no other that can do it for you. 

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