Let go to let in. 

My friend used to say change is always for the better. It’s been a while since I started believing in it. Turned some pages, looked back and here I am, unfearing changes.


​Not everything happens the way you expect. Sometimes, the strangest and rarest of the things can be the biggest of the lessons you’ve had. You don’t have to go hunting for satisfaction and happiness. Happiness isn’t a destination. More like a manner of journey. There might be hurt, loss, regret in the process, but there’ll always be learning. And how’s that any bad? You don’t always intend bad, but you cannot change the course of events occurred. All you can do is learn and change. The space that’s between what you had been thru and how you want to be, it’s liminal. Better yourself with every step you take. You don’t always have second chances. Maybe the process was set that way just for you to understand. Maybe the hurting was required. Maybe the regret was what caused the change. Life has its way of teaching for everyone. It’s you who’ll know where it went downhill. You can wear a facade for everyone to see. But you can’t hide from your own self. Wrong cannot be made right. But the impact of wrong can be reduced if we choose to change. Change for good. Sometimes stepping outta the bubble and taking challenges, accepting and admitting to things, making realizations and decisions and leaving comfort zone does you better. It is never good to remain stuck somewhere. Anywhere. You gotta adapt. You gotta stay healthy and you gotta move on. You gotta lift yourself from your ramshackle. Because you don’t know what you are missing out on if you aren’t ready to adjust. The best way to change is acceptance of the state you are in. As bizarre as it sounds, it’s a sort of clearance you need. And when that registers, all else you seek will find its way to you. You have to see it. Understand it. More importantly, accept it. You have to choose what’s good for you and you have to let go to let something wonderful in.


6 thoughts on “Let go to let in. 

  1. Change happens to a part of life. The depiction of so, and its various attributaries, have been put together in quality form. Keep going.


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