Live before you die.

Be kind for no reason at all, because why not? Your little effortless acts of kindness and compassion could affect someone more than you can imagine.
An old man at a tea stall offered me a cup of tea without me asking for one and gave it to me regardless of me refusing. Little did I know that in that biting cold weather and with me being tired and not having had proper time to relax in days, I could do with a cup of steaming tea on a very cold night. He had absolutely no need to insist on giving the cup of tea but nevertheless he did and did not even accept money for it.
Just that gesture lifted my spirits and made me smile. These little things mean more than words can explain. It just feels good from within 🙂
Not related to my post but I just wanted to share. Hope you smile a little more today!


If there’s one thing I can say, it’ll be that life comes at you fast. One day you are young and dreaming of life and the other day you are either living them or they lie in the heap of battered aspirations and chosen compromises altogether. Either you are happy or you are not. Either you are working your way toward the life you intended or you settle with your destination without even stepping foot on the road. Time goes by fast and none of it can ever be recovered. So this one life that you are granted, live it yourself, live it for yourself. Yeah? You have just one chance at dreaming, hoping, working, loving, creating, breaking, learning and then rebuilding. Make the most of it. Do not, please do not ever settle for anything. Do not settle when it comes to life. Be greedy to learn, to create, to live. Get the creativity out when it comes to life. Experience and explore what sets your soul on fire. Work for it. Fall for it. Fail for it. But just don’t give up on it. Work on yourself. All that really matters the most, is you. And that’s not ego speaking. The world may try to talk you into believing otherwise, but trust me, prioritising your life is not selfishness and it holds more importance than it is credited for. And anything that requires for you to make adjustments with your life that is just really a cover for compromising, none of it is helping you or working for you. What couldn’t work for itself is never going to build you. Always, choose your life and choose to create it. At the end of the day it all comes back at you and you will be the one regretting or rejoicing. No one ever will live your life for you. So don’t resort to the easiest excuse if it doesn’t go right. Don’t blame. It really is the most common human tendency, or sometimes, instinct. Tomorrow, it would be very easy to pin it on the society or circumstances, but that wouldn’t change or lessen the regret, hurt and the loss you would be feeling. Basically, you carry the load. 

So take charge. Focus on your life. Now. Make it. Make life work for you. Change it your way. Live your life, your dreams. And just don’t settle with settling and blaming. It all happens very fast and everything will be overwhelming so just try to bunch in as many moments as you can that make you smile and feel contented. The idea is to live a life where the mistakes you make will at least be yours to own.​