Forever-ing the Transience? 

We want to be different, make our lives count, live for ourselves and yet the unstated intention and aim is to create an impact on the world around us, the lives around us. We want to leave our mark. I think even tho we know and accept the fact that we don’t live forever and nothing about us is intransient, we don’t really want to surrender to this and we give our best attempt to glorify our existence for as long and as widely as we can. Everyone wants to make a difference, not in their lives, but in those around them. And that’s where the purpose is misunderstood. One day it all just goes. Evanescence is inevitable. Don’t try to get the most of everything that is around you but try to feel and learn wholly in the one moment that you’re in. You won’t last forever, but what you leave as art is going to inspire thousands after you. And the best shot at that is always going to be yourself when you do things. Einstein is Einstein even after flunking history classes. He did what he was interested in, answered his calling and just wanted to do his thing, which was science, not history; ideas, not facts. And on his journey of working on his interests, made the greatest of discoveries. Gandhi never started those movements to one day be written about in books and for his face to be on national currency. All he wanted was freedom and rights of his people and a life of dignity and fought for it. To be remembered or to create something eternal was never their aim, it just was to make a way to live by their rules and follow their heart everyday. Don’t target your life to make it last forever. There’s no forever promised to us and all we have is a shot to live a life full of varying nows. As overly said yet understated it is, it still is very rarely uptaken : don’t price your today’s happiness on tomorrow’s fears and insecurities. The fame of today will fade someday. Imagine how beautiful and freeing it would be to be nothing, not hollow, just nothing. To fit into no definitions. It sounds like a good difference to be someone who isn’t in a rush to just be someone and just sees all the beauty, the hustle and for a change, wants to know rather than be known. To just un-become everything you thought you were, to unravel and somehow during the process maybe meet yourself? The core of you. 

Sounds good to me.