Musings of a raw soul 

When you look at the faces around you, what do you see? If you have a journal, what dominates most of it? When you are up late, what sort of thoughts go around in your head?
Do you feel weighed down in your own head, or despite the rough moments, you somehow spare a moment to smile?

Being happy, choosing to be happy, enjoying the little things and moving on is brave. It’s not at all cliché to believe in “Live, love, laugh”. Not with what I see around. There’s a lot of pain. Yes. There’s harsh realities, there’s cruelties. There’s sadness and dark poetry everywhere. There’s hopelessness and depression. There’s a dark past making a broken story teller out of a former believer/lover everywhere. So the cliché in fact is, the dark sad poems and unicorns are an underrated reality. There are a very few who pick themselves up and CHOOSE to not stay broken, sad, hurt, failing, cheated. Those who choose to gain from their pain and not let it be something that makes you love less, feel less, hope less and be less are alot stronger than you’d think. They made a choice and they chose to be happy. Happiness is better and easier than living in a world of constant battles and chaos and darkness and blues. Romanticized blues for some apparant reason are very overrated and that is saddening. Shit happens. Get up. Suck it up and move on. Stop giving bits of yourself to what feeds off your wholesomeness and stop getting devoid over every low that comes your way. Happiness isn’t guaranteed and granted, right, so make it an option until it becomes the only option! And if you’ve made happiness your option, it’s great and I love you and I know you’ll be very less credited than the dark mystic poems of brokenness and betrayal and emptiness and hopelessness but it doesn’t matter. I see you. I feel you. I’m proud of you and I love what you chose. It’s rare and it’s happier and a lot more freeing.