Hey, here’s a nudge!

A friend told me that the next time I’m dealing with something that drains me, I should nudge myself, breathe and smile.
And it’s really as simple as that. We try looking for something brilliantly witty to ease ourselves from our stress but it’s as simple as that! We just have to look for complexities everywhere when just a nudge does the work. Us humans!
PS. Why are we always ready to give up on life rather than on our issues? Which reminds me, the only way out is through.


Calm. Happiness. Peace. Chaos. Misery. Pain. NUDGE. Peace. 

You could be a sixty year old dealing with health issues, a sixteen year old coping with bullying or someone in their mid twenties working through their career and self-doubt problems. You could be anyone anywhere. But there’s something that you share with every human around you, and it’s struggle. It’s pain. Everyone everywhere has issues and that, that is what connects you to them. It’s life. It happens to everyone. But that’s the catch, it only happens to you till you realise it happens for you. 

The harder it gets, the stronger you become. What you’ve acquired will always be stronger than what you’ve been provided with already. So acquire life for yourself, acquire inspiration. 

Who doesn’t have issues? Some bleed in the battlefields you can see while for some the battles are as silent as their words. We’re all a bunch of people craving and hustling for liberty. But here’s what we fail to realise, liberty isn’t having no problems at all and living the completely balanced life, rather, to find peace amidst the chaos is liberty. Stop hustling. When you free your mind, that’s liberty. It’s not something that depends on environmental or physical state, it is in itself a state of mind,  and sometimes it’s a state of mindlessness. 

We have issues, big deal! We don’t have to be miserable about it, we gotta deal with stuff anyway so it’s pointless to spend any negative energy on it. And I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s better and freer done than said. 

At no point in your life will you not have any problems, so how long do you plan to drown yourself? We don’t get to decide if or not we want the struggle we’re going through, but what we do have in our hands is the power to change it. It’s not about what we deserve, it’s about how we deal with what we’re getting and what we do to change it. Always remember, “You need not grow where you are planted.” 

It’s all on you to create what you imagine. And sometimes, it’s not the chances we didn’t take that we regret, what we regret sometimes is the realisation of what could have been​ a chance. 

So here’s something for all of you, breathe. Nothing is under control, stop trying to control it, just breathe. You’re getting thru it, and you’re getting thru it without being miserable. So breathe, nudge yourself, exhale and smile.