Guess I’ll just be wind? 

Is everything OK?


“I’ve learned to live with a very flexible definition of OK”

There. The whole of my 2017 in one sentence. I think this is what it was about, this was the goal of everything that led upto this understanding. And the understanding of the fact that it’s not sad, it’s real. There’s something so real and so human about this line from Grace and Frankie, it just can’t be explained. But that, that’s the whole point of it, isn’t it? The wiser ones can’t be explained. Somethings are just meant to be understood.
No more do I center on struggle, fight or how to see life, because this is what flexibility of okay-ness led me to understand, that the wiser thing would be to just, see life, detached from the ‘how’. Sometimes we need to take a break from carrying out the process so as to understand it.
None of this acceptance makes you any less of a fighter or achiever, because it isn’t about that. That moment, it’s about seeing, it’s about knowing. And I’ve heard this quite a lot, that the more you know and understand, the lesser you struggle. I don’t really believe that, what I believe is the more we know and understand, the smarter and easier managed is our struggle. 

You never wind-up getting the answers to your problems, you just end up understanding the fluidity of them. It was never about learning your problems, it was about learning life. And that happens when you’ve unlearned the rest. You’ll see, everything is really very fluid.

Just wind your way through it all, everything is okay! 🙂 

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