To who feels like home.

To my homie! Not the best I’ve written but what I’ve felt overpowers expression this time!


​Life isn’t a destination, it’s more a matter of journey. And while you’re at it, you’re bound to meet people irrespective of you wanting to or not. So when you vision it as a journey, there’s many turns and bumps all the while, heck sometimes the road you’re traveling isn’t even done finishing and you find yourself turning back another way. But eventually it gets built. But during that journey you’d always have people guiding you, sometimes they even come along to lead you all the way and some travel with you. 

In simpler terms, throughout your life you’ll meet various people, diverse people. Each having some quality. But some will just connect with you. Know them. Find them. Everything gets better if you have them in your life. These are the people that stick around. That bother. The ones who keep you sane yet insane. Those who ease you out of your messed, irksome days. The people who feel like home. And if you’re fortunate enough to find them, express it. Even tho they understand the silences, displaying gratefulness never does anyone any wrong. It’s like an added advantage. Because these people, the ones who care, they deserve it. These people who willingly participate in your life, these are the kind of people who are the 2am people in those clichéd posts. It’s simple as that, they make your good times better and hard times easier. They’ll be there when you want to cry your eyes out not just comforting, but helping you get thru it and move on. They’ll be there when you want to laugh and celebrate not just to have fun but because they’re genuinely happy in your happiness. They will be there. Period. Nothing ostentatious. And honestly, it’s fine if you are satisfied alone, but with them, it feels easier. It’s liberating. And to put it broadly, it’s beautiful.