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Let go to let in. 

My friend used to say change is always for the better. It’s been a while since I started believing in it. Turned some pages, looked back and here I am, unfearing changes.

​Not everything happens the way you expect. Sometimes, the strangest and rarest of the things can be the biggest of the lessons you’ve had. You don’t have to go hunting for satisfaction and happiness. Happiness isn’t a destination. More like a manner of journey. There might be hurt, loss, regret in the process, but there’ll always be learning. And how’s that any bad? You don’t always intend bad, but you cannot change the course of events occurred. All you can do is learn and change. The space that’s between what you had been thru and how you want to be, it’s liminal. Better yourself with every step you take. You don’t always have second chances. Maybe the process was set that way just for you to understand. Maybe the hurting was required. Maybe the regret was what caused the change. Life has its way of teaching for everyone. It’s you who’ll know where it went downhill. You can wear a facade for everyone to see. But you can’t hide from your own self. Wrong cannot be made right. But the impact of wrong can be reduced if we choose to change. Change for good. Sometimes stepping outta the bubble and taking challenges, accepting and admitting to things, making realizations and decisions and leaving comfort zone does you better. It is never good to remain stuck somewhere. Anywhere. You gotta adapt. You gotta stay healthy and you gotta move on. You gotta lift yourself from your ramshackle. Because you don’t know what you are missing out on if you aren’t ready to adjust. The best way to change is acceptance of the state you are in. As bizarre as it sounds, it’s a sort of clearance you need. And when that registers, all else you seek will find its way to you. You have to see it. Understand it. More importantly, accept it. You have to choose what’s good for you and you have to let go to let something wonderful in.


Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens FOR you!

The title is inspired by what someone very close to me once told me. And that was a reminder, more of a realization I’d say. Most of us, we let fears and insecurities control us and that is where we choose to become victims.

​What we shall become is what we care to create of ourselves. We are all deeper than the darkest blues of the ocean beds and higher than the fogged whites of the sky. We are above. We are beyond. We search for infinity but we are a part of it. We are boundless. All of us, we have magic. We have the ability to create. To express. To explore. And to learn. We doubt what we already have and are out there hoping to create something bigger than ourselves while what we lack is the utmost required tool for anything we hope to accomplish. Our fear feeds on our insecurity of being able to perform. To create. But the ability, we have it present within. What we require is to fuel it. We worry over the result overlooking the present need which in fact, is in complete opposition to what we do. What we need is courage. To work. To take the leap. To hope. To dream. All rest will be the outcomes. How can we permutate the result without having given the efforts to the cause? But we being humans, tend to go astray from logic quite often. 

Each one of us, we have what it takes to create miracles. We have a mind, a heart and an entire journey to figure out who we are and what we want. There’s something for everyone that ignites fire in them. You just have to find it. And if you’re not able to do that, CREATE IT. Create your life. Your dreams. Build your path. Be fierce for what you seek. Do not settle because you feel hopeless or tired. Dejection, depression it’s all a part of it. But don’t let it make you give up. For it’s just that, a part. You have a lot to know. A lot to see and a lot to figure out. A lot that is yet to happen to you, FOR you. Quite a lot of times, you have to give meaning to things. All you need is to believe in yourself and then muster the guts to take risks. End up completing yourself. Because there’s no other that can do it for you. 

To who feels like home.

To my homie! Not the best I’ve written but what I’ve felt overpowers expression this time!

​Life isn’t a destination, it’s more a matter of journey. And while you’re at it, you’re bound to meet people irrespective of you wanting to or not. So when you vision it as a journey, there’s many turns and bumps all the while, heck sometimes the road you’re traveling isn’t even done finishing and you find yourself turning back another way. But eventually it gets built. But during that journey you’d always have people guiding you, sometimes they even come along to lead you all the way and some travel with you. 

In simpler terms, throughout your life you’ll meet various people, diverse people. Each having some quality. But some will just connect with you. Know them. Find them. Everything gets better if you have them in your life. These are the people that stick around. That bother. The ones who keep you sane yet insane. Those who ease you out of your messed, irksome days. The people who feel like home. And if you’re fortunate enough to find them, express it. Even tho they understand the silences, displaying gratefulness never does anyone any wrong. It’s like an added advantage. Because these people, the ones who care, they deserve it. These people who willingly participate in your life, these are the kind of people who are the 2am people in those clichéd posts. It’s simple as that, they make your good times better and hard times easier. They’ll be there when you want to cry your eyes out not just comforting, but helping you get thru it and move on. They’ll be there when you want to laugh and celebrate not just to have fun but because they’re genuinely happy in your happiness. They will be there. Period. Nothing ostentatious. And honestly, it’s fine if you are satisfied alone, but with them, it feels easier. It’s liberating. And to put it broadly, it’s beautiful. 



Exploring the infinite! 

This one’s especially for the heart that wants to explore. The ones who know the feel of wanderlust. For the travelers. Also, if you ever get the chance, spend your day trying to get more of life rather than more of money. Thanks for reading!

How do you want to live your life? 

If I’m ever asked this question, I’d say I want to explore it. The most I can. I want it to be full of experiences. In this single life that I’ve got, I want to be doing a lot of things. Things that don’t just include making a career, building my own house or getting a pricey car. Things like feeling the cool sand under my feet while walking on a beach with a sky full of stars. Watching the orange hues of a sunrise from the hood of my jeep on a cliff. I want to dive into a sea and out of a plane thousands of feet from the ground. I want to know the stories of random strangers and then think ‘turns out they really aren’t a stranger’. I want to ride a bike across the world. I want to go to concerts and feel my heart thumping to the bass. I want to write in the middle of the roads that have barely had feet walk over it. I want to find home in not buildings, but feelings, dreams, people and thoughts. I want to bond with people. Make friends. Real ones. Feel a love that inspires. Feel the passion in the eyes that hold dreams and stories. So what I want to do in life? I want to feel things. I want to live them. I want to be scared and yet at the same time, thrilled. I want to take risks. I want to help those I can. I want to learn. I don’t just want my bank account to grow, I want my growth. I want to work hard for my dreams. I want life to be raw and natural, not artificial. I want to struggle and then later smile at seeing it pay off. I want to be happy. I want to make mistakes and learn. I want to see the world from my eyes. I want to take chances and never look back. I want to be able to tell stories. 

I want to feel beautiful till the day I die and that is never going to be thru my appearance. I want to die knowing my skin has worn off but I still have my experiences and memories as beautiful as ever!


Let life happen! 

Life’s weird sometimes. At times you won’t know what’s happening. You won’t be able to understand what has happened. And you won’t be able to assume what’s coming up next. But those are times you need to wait. When you need to believe. To have faith. You have to assure yourself that whatever happens, in the end it’ll be of nothing but good. There’s always two kinds of perspectives, either the glass is half empty or it’s half full. And you know what, if there’s no source of happiness present for you, CREATE one. Find your own happiness when you feel clogged up. There’s no one coming for your rescue. You have to deal with things on your own. And for that to happen, you have to relax to get your head around the situation. Understanding is important. There can be changes you thought were impossible. But things could simplify. Realize that sometimes, time is all that’s needed. Remember that the power within you is greater than any circumstance outside of you. Give time to let things resolve. Trust yourself that you could get thru it. There’s nothing as impossible. Just that not everything is in your hands. And I’ve been told – Do what’s in your control and leave the rest. Sometimes, a lot good can come out of the worst of situations. Give time to yourself to introspect. For everything to happen, it takes the right amount of time and the right environment. So if needed, be ready to give the time if you need the change. It will happen if it should. And meanwhile just relish in all you’ve got and be grateful. Trust me, sometimes we forget we have a great deal to be thankful for. Account for whatever you’ve got and give time to whatever you want. Don’t feel exhausted just yet. Keep hope alive. It has the ability to fill all your voids. All life asks of you is to stay put, stay motivated, and never give up. Realize


Growing up isn’t how you act physically. It’s how you feel internally. You could be the wildest person yet the wisest you will ever know. If you don’t feel like keeping a straight face every time you meet a stranger just to seem tough, then don’t. It’s all just pretense. If laughing out loud at what someone you barely know said is what your first instinct was, then laugh and spread your positivity. If you want to talk to someone, why wait, go make your move. If you want to sprawl into the comfort of a couch after having had a hard day, you don’t have to sit crossed leg with a straight back just to give somebody the impression of you being ideal in your conduct. If you want to tell someone something about yourself even tho you don’t really know them well, tell them. Embrace realism. Come undone. Growth is real when you sans the idea of charades and facades. Growing up is freeing yourself from conventions and building wisdom thru your vision. If you ever hesitate, go with what you really want, trust me everyone deep down knows what they want. Do what you WANT to do and what makes you feel comfortable. If the world judges you for being you, you don’t need the world. If they were to respect you, they’ll do that even when you are sitting in your pyjamas and if it’s not there, you could clad in the wealthiest brands and it’ll be all the same for them. Live beyond conventions. Those who can sense maturity and see growth will search for it inside you, not in your appearances. Don’t in any case compromise with what you feel right just to be directed by those who have ideologies to achieve appreciation and not happiness. Do what gives you comfort. What makes you feel real. Laugh when you want. Get drunk on happiness. Celebrate your uniqueness. Just don’t hold back on anything you want only to have something that isn’t deserving of you. When people judge you and ask you to “grow up” just because you are having fun, remind yourself that you don’t have to seek validation from anyone who doesn’t value individualism, for you are in the least wise enough to be real to yourself. You aren’t immature or unprofessional. You just choose to be unfaked.