“Where are we going?Somewhere we belong.” 

Around 3 years back I had listened to “Wake me up” by Avicii for the first time, the little girl asks “Where are we going” and the older one replies “Somewhere we belong”. That day, three years ago, this answer struck a chord. It’s now that I can understand it on a whole new level.


​There have always been and will always be some of the greatest memories with the greatest people, out of which a lot won’t stay. You’ll never be the same person you were three years ago. You’ll face stuff, you’ll see things changing and you’ll evolve. Soak it all in. Because you’re never getting any moment twice and everything you’re met with has some importance for you. You were dealing with strife but now, all it is to you is gain thru the pain. You also had beautiful and greatest times, but they’re memories very cherished now. The point is, everything your past ever was, was to lead you here and everything your present is, is to take you somewhere you belong. So as it goes on, every little or major occurrence in your life is not going to stay forever and you’re going to change and grow to fit into something that’s right for you, and WHEN it is right for you. The seemingly important issues become trivial as it happens and the little details that went by unnoticed will be connoted. And that’s okay. Because that’s evolving. You’ll get thrills and jitters as you move your way into a change, but that’s the thing about cusps. Deal with it, and go on. There’ll be so so much you’ll learn and you’d just feel contented when you’ll realize that all of it, it was right. It was framed to fit you. And once you understand this, there’ll be less fearing and more acceptance. You’ll mold yourself into understanding even what’s beyond your experience. So yes, it will be a lot more different, maybe more challenging but if it’s that, it’s definitely going to be more liberating. And however good or happy the past was, if given the opportunity, I would never ask to go back into the time and live it all over again or change any bit of it. Because I don’t really think I’m okay with going back to a lesser version of me now that I’ve seen the broader one, reverting all the growth and nullifying every experience, unchanging every change I’ve been through. It took a lot out of me to understand the concept, and I value everything I’ve learned way too much to set myself back to square one. A lot of newness has come to my perspective and I’d rather not cut it short.

Learning and acceptance is the final product of any experience, keep it. Value the light you’ve brought into your life because it’ll take you places. Places you belong.

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